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About Us

Baby land nursery “begins to grow” When the conditions are right a seed will start to germinate into a seedling, and in the process it will need care, nourishing and patience until it is ready to blossom into a beautiful plant There is nothing like home that is a fact known for all of us, but here in Baby land we will do our best to make the nursery as warm and comfort as the child’s own home.


At BABY LAND English, French, Arabic, religion. Medical check-ups 3 balanced meals


About Baby land nursery ”begins to grow” Our vision Children’s early experiences are important stages in their own right but also for creating strong foundations in preparing the children as secure and confident individuals for school and the wider world. At BABY LAND your child will be supported and guided in their development by the wonderful, dedicated team. We are committed to ensuring that your child is given every opportunity to explore and learn from their surroundings, from their peers and from the considerate teachers in the most enjoyable way. This includes inside the nursery and in our wonderful, safe outdoor facilities. From young babies to school age, we use a wealth of resources and opportunities, supported by caring adults to help your child to discover the wonders of the world, to develop physically, to develop friendships and social skills and to develop a positive attitude to learning. Children commence attendance at a preschool setting; they have already had a variety of experiences and have developed in a number of ways. In order to utilize and build upon the learning that has taken place in the home and its immediate environment, At BABY LAND your child will be provided with a rich variety of play activities and other experiences in a stimulating and challenging environment. The focus should be to allow children to learn without experiencing a sense of failure. We at BABYLAND are well prepared and equipped to make the most of your child’s individuality, by encouraging each child to reach his or her full potential through a stimulating program of events. We offer parents a sense of freedom, secure in the knowledge that their child will be well looked after in warm and welcoming surroundings. Our mission we are able to stimulate children’s learning and development in the best possible way. Each child’s individual needs are paramount and our staff is specially selected for their loving and caring nature, as well as their qualifications. At BABYLAND we provide a caring, happy, safe and secure environment for all children, where they can flourish through play. We aim to exceed expectations, providing the best care and education to your little ones, as well as ensuring that mums and dads are happy. Our staff will be happy to provide you with more information about the BABYLAND. Arrange a visit to your nursery to find out how we provide exceptional, inspiring childcare and education. Meaning BABYLAND is defined as the process by which a seedling emerges from a seed. This term can also be used to mean to cause to develop, to come into being or to begin to grow. When the conditions are right a seed will start to germinate into a seedling. The conditions needing are water, temperature and location. Once the seedling comes through ground. Our team Our staff is qualified, experienced, dedicated, trained, supportive, honest, well informed and eager to help your baby.